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Registers of the St. Lawrence Lutheran Church in Morrisburg

A copy of these records are held by Library and Archives Canada, microfilm reel M2981. They contain the records donated by Rev. F. D. Howald on 15 October 1973. They consist of the registers from the congregations St. John's (Riverside Heights), St. Paul's (Morrisburg) and St. Peter's (Williamsburg) Lutheran Churches. At one point, these 3 congregations had amalgamated and were known as the St. Lawrence Lutheran Church. Currently, St. John's is a separate parish, and St. Paul's and St. Peter's have amalgamated to create a 2-point parish called the South Dundas Lutheran Community Church.

I have captured all of the images contained in these microfilm records. These records are divided into six volumes as follows:
  1. Parish register of baptisms, marriages, burials of the Williamsburg Lutheran Congregation (later St. John's), including notes on the history of the parish and congregation memoranda and notes, 1826-1840.
  2. Parish register of baptisms and burials of the Osnabruck Lutheran Congregation (St. John's), including notes of sermons and other parish activities, 1837-1853.
  3. Parish register of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials, of St. John's and St. Paul's Lutheran Church, including parish minutes and lists of communicants, 1840-1895, with scattered entries to 1953.
  4. Parish register of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths, communicants of St. John's Lutheran Church, Williamsburg and St. Paul's, Morrisburg, 1843-1972.
  5. Marriage register of St. John's and St. Peter's, 1858-1914.
  6. "Constitution and Regulations of the Lutheran Congregation of St. Paul's Church at Morrisburg, no date with the parish register of baptisms, marriages, communicants, 1887-1895, with scattered entries to 1958.

There is no intention to completely transcribe and make searchable all of the information in these registers. Instead, the transcriptions will be limited to birth, marriage and burial records. The remaining pages have been segregated by year or groups of years and are browsable. These pages provide a unique insight into the lives and struggles of a congregation dealing with the early split of the Lutherans in the Williamsburg and Morrisburg area as a result of the defection of Rev. Weagant to the Church of England. Their perseverance and beliefs resulted in a committed and thriving Lutheran Church that has maintained a presence in the area to this day.

The birth, marriage and burial records contained in these registers provide a valuable update for many of the families whose initial church life is reflected in the early Registers of the Parishes of Williamsburg, Matilda, Osnabruck and Edwardsburg which are now in the possession of the Anglican Church, and which are documented on my website. The records for those members who remained Lutherans after the split are now available to researchers whose families decided not to follow Rev. Weagant and not to become members of the Church of England (Anglican).

A history of the parish is included in some of the Memoranda and Notes included in these registers as well as in the book by J. Smyth Carter entitled "Story of Dundas: Being a History of the County of Dundas, from 1784 to 1904". An excerpt of this book is included.

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Note: Some of the Birth/Baptism records included individuals who would still be living. For privacy reasons, these records have been excluded.