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This area contains links to the family genealogy books I have published. The information is based on the extensive research I have done on my, and my wife's, ancestors and their descendants. The information contained in the books, along with any new research completed subsequent to the publishing date for each book, is available on my website. I welcome any updates and corrections. Details for ordering a copy of a book are available on the individual book pages. Copies of the source documents have not been included in books because many of the pages are unreadable when printed. However, electronic copies of all source documents used to document the information in the books are available.

At this point only one book has been produced. Others are in the planning stage and will be made available as they are published.

Genealogy Books

In addition to the above, I have completed a sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library entitled Connections: Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It has been digitized and is available on the Sketchbook Project website.