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The William Bower Family: Aberdeen, Williamsburg, South Gower, Osgoode, Ottawa & Beyond

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The Bower family from South Gower and Osgoode Townships of Ontario has been traced back to William Bower, who immigrated to Canada from Scotland in about 1811. William was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. His parents were originally from Moray County, Scotland. His father, John, was a school teacher in Aberdeen and taught the Romantic English poet, Lord Byron for a short time during the latterís brief childhood residency in Scotland. William had two brothers, John and Robert. John was ordained in the Church of Scotland on 7 May 1812, and was the minister of the church at Maryculter, near Aberdeen, until his death in 1866. Robert became a surgeon in the Royal Navy. Williamís sister, Elizabeth, died as a child. William was educated in Scotland. William was the only member of his family to emigrate from Scotland. He landed in Montreal and eventually moved to Williamsburg. He originally taught school but eventually bought land and took up farming in South Gower.

Though the facts about Williamís birth family are of interest and are included, the main objective of this book is to document the more than 1,100 Canadian and American descendants of William Bower himself.

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